Polycom® RealPresence™ Experience (RPX™)

The world’s only fully immersive telepresence solution

  • Experience the most stunning HD quality for up to 50% less bandwidth with industry-leading H.264 High Profile support
  • Ideal for executive meetings,board meetings, trainings, education, project management, and organizations with dispersed workgroups
  • Full screen, cinematic view and seating capacity for 4 to 28 participants creates an immersive face-to-face meeting experience
  • Transparent technology eliminates distractions and results in more productive meetings
  • True-to-life dimensions allow participants to see facial expressions, make eye contact, and read body language
  • The all-inclusive, modular design makes sure every environmental detail has been planned for you

Features and Benefits

  • Lowest total cost of ownership and accelerated return on investment through breakthrough bandwidth management. Industry-leading support of the standards-based H.264 High Profile can save up to 50% of ongoing bandwidth consumption and cost.
  • With up to 16 feet of seamless, cinematic video wall, every participant is shown in high definition, true-to-life dimensions.
  • The Polycom RPX HD room environment is the only solution that enables you to see all participants in true-to-life dimensions whether they sit, stand, or move around the room—so they enjoy a truly natural and dynamic meeting experience.
  • Combining Polycom UltimateHD™ technology, patented Polycom EyeConnect™ technology, and Polycom’s history and expertise in providing leading audio solutions, the Polycom RPX HD solution delivers superior visual, audio, and multimedia quality. When meeting participants can pick up every nuance of a conversation, see facial expressions, make eye contact, and read body language, your organization can improve team communications and collaboration.
  • The Polycom RPX HD Suites are completely interoperable with all standards-based video conferencing products. This helps ensure that you can protect and maximize your capital investment and continue to use legacy video solutions as well as the latest high definition telepresence solutions.
  • All-inclusive and multipurpose, every suite is a welcoming, luxurious meeting environment and includes furniture, acoustic treatment, and studio quality lighting. Every detail has been uniquely designed to provide a natural, meeting experience, allowing participants to comfortably remain in the room for one hour or all day. In addition, a Polycom RPX room can be used as a traditional conference room.
  • A variety of conference initiation options gives you the flexibility to either completely self-manage your multiparty calls or choose the fully managed services of a VNOC for scheduling and launching conferences.

Why Polycom Immersive Telepresence?

Because Polycom delivers:

  • The first and only fully immersive telepresence solution for the most natural and productive meetings whether participants are seated, standing, or walking around the room
  • The broadest telepresence portfolio with solutions that support every application, seat up to 28 participants, and allow you to use the rooms for traditional meetings
  • The ultimate flexibility for launching multiparty conferences, whether you prefer a user-initiated, self-service model or fully managed VNOC call scheduling and management
  • An easy-to-use, acoustically tuned, luxury meeting environment that improves collaboration with customers, partners, and employees around the globe


Polycom immersive telepresence suites offer a variety of set-up options for multiparty calls from fully managed to self-service models.

For organizations that prefer to fully outsource the management and operations of their immersive telepresence rooms,Polycom VNOC services offer conference scheduling and management along with other support services.

Organizations that prefer to partially or completely self manage can enjoy multiparty conferences from Polycom RPX suites at the touch of a button using Polycom Single Touch™ capabilities. They can also select meeting attendees from a directory and dial them dynamically with Polycom Meeting Composer™, or easily connect to meetings that were scheduled using Polycom Conferencing for Microsoft® Outlook. The Polycom RMX and Multipoint Layout Applicationtechnology automatically create an optimized multiparty view of all other rooms whether the room has 1, 2, 3 or 4 screens.

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