Polycom RMX Multipoint Conference Platforms


Universal Multipoint video collaboration at the highest quality for the lowest cost

People are using video collaboration to share the next great idea face-to-face, from anywhere, anytime. With the rise of the video-enabled , the need has never been greater for a dynamic, scalable, reliable platform that provides seamless interoperability with existing and future collaboration investments and reduces cost and complexity. Polycom RMX conference platforms meet these needs, connecting the most people at highest quality for the lowest cost.

Reduce Cost and Complexity Through Innovative Design

With Polycom RMX conference platforms, costs and complexity are reduced through unique, innovative architecture. RMX solutions were designed to dynamically allocate resources, delivering the right amount of resources to each call type unlike competitive solutions that waste HD resources for video desktop participants. As a result, RMX solutions deliver approximately 3.5 times greater capacity than other conference platforms providing a better value bridge. In addition, RMX solutions deliver unprecedented bandwidth efficiency through support of H.264 High Profile technology that reduces bandwidth utilization up to 50 percent for dramatic savings.

Protect Investments and Prepare for the Future

RMX solutions are breaking down barriers to video communications with broad support for existing and emerging standards, protocols, applications, devices and interoperability between UC environments for seamless worldwide collaboration. Only RMX platform solutions provide native integration with leading UC applications and support for IP, H.323/SIP, PSTN and ISDN all within a single conference platform, eliminating the need to manage expensive gateways and licenses.

Transform the Office into a High-Performance Workplace

For end-users, calls are as easy to join as clicking a mouse from your calendar application or making a phone call. Content can be shared and experienced in crystalline high definition, even over the Internet. Multi-party conferencing is available anywhere, anytime through customizable virtual meeting rooms and profiles. For IT, RMX software provides flexibility and control to administrators. Its straightforward administrator interfaces enable consistent, in-person communications experiences without cumbersome technology roadblocks, thus increasing productivity and speeding the rate of conferencing adoption.

The features and benefits of the RMX can be found below.

H.264 High Profile – unprecedented bandwidth efficiency of up to 50% less bandwidth utilization

Dynamic resource allocation – best per-call value with up to 3.5 times more capacity than competitive solutions

Virtualize RMX resources with DMA 7000 – always on and available multipoint conferencing

Multi-network support – simplicity of IP (H.323, SIP), PSTN, and ISDN on a single chassis

Native integration with leading UC applications – wide-scale adoption and less cost, licenses and boxes to manage

Polycom UltimateHD™ technology – high-definition business-grade video, audio, and content sharing

Always-on virtual meeting rooms – anytime from anywhere conferencing